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Skin Edits
~ Shidouri ~ 2017-12-26 13:48:41
Testing edits to skin 'mer' over the next week or two. Please do not be alarmed if colours change.


~ Shidouri ~ 2017-12-25 00:13:04
Our player of the week is Black Paper BlitzkriegAJ!


~ Shidouri ~ 2017-12-18 16:20:10
Don't forget to Ye Olde Mail myself when you've collected all 7 Dragonballs! Best get to wishin'!


Christmas Bonus!
~ Shidouri ~ 2017-12-15 13:08:49
We've been active for almost a year now, and I'd personally like to thank you for playing on our server!
Christmas we are offering a bonus incentive for all our players! All you have to do is have at least 1 Dragon Kill by December 24th, and you'll be given access to lots of goodies!

Whilst this is all well and good, we also understand some players prefer to play the game the original way, so I am making this an opt-in event. Anyone interested should send me a direct YOM stating they are opting in to this event.

On another note - Dragonballs are now acquirable through dropped items from bad guys in the Forest. Whilst there is not a current script written for granting a 'wish' for having all seven balls, I will deal with all 'wishes' via my personal YOM providing you have collected all 7. This will be resolved in the coming weeks.

But most of all - have a wonderful
Christmas! Stay safe, keep warm, and happy hunting!


Development Update - March 19th, 2017
~ Shidouri ~ 2017-03-19 17:40:44
Dwellings has been added to installed and activated modules.

However, it is only functional as a safe place to sleep for the time being. Experiencing issues with depositing gold and gems - looking into this now.
Resolved gem depositing issue with regards to Dwellings. Feel free to use either Coffers or Bank for storage.

Weapon/Armor closets now available in Dwellings. Please do not report the colordragons error if you are using closets - we are already aware of this issue.

Gem Bank activated, it can be accessed using Ye Olde Bank.

Staff List added in village.

Experience bar added in Personal Info.


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