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Development Update - March 19th, 2017
The Legendary Shidouri2017-03-19 17:40:44
Dwellings has been added to installed and activated modules.

However, it is only functional as a safe place to sleep for the time being. Experiencing issues with depositing gold and gems - looking into this now.
Resolved gem depositing issue with regards to Dwellings. Feel free to use either Coffers or Bank for storage.

Weapon/Armor closets now available in Dwellings. Please do not report the colordragons error if you are using closets - we are already aware of this issue.

Gem Bank activated, it can be accessed using Ye Olde Bank.

Staff List added in village.

Experience bar added in Personal Info.


Development Update - March 18th, 2017
The Legendary Shidouri2017-03-18 18:36:59
Approved to the Dragonprime forum so modules will be implemented over the next couple of days. Dwellings (on request of EvilySweet) and Gem Bank will be the first to be introduced. Thanks for your patience!


Coloured Names / Custom Titles
The Legendary Shidouri2017-03-04 21:34:06
Colour in your name can be requested by anyone at any time to an admin via YOM. Please enter the colours EXACTLY as you want them displayed.

Custom titles can be requested by anyone with over 10DKs via YOM to an admin. This is subject to change over time.

Admins have the right to refuse any request at any time, but we will provide you with the reasoning as to why your request was rejected


Development Update - March 3rd, 2017
The Legendary Shidouri2017-03-03 11:13:03
Updated PHP version to 5.6. Navigation is now 100% faster than it was on server launch.


Shidouri LOTGD Server - Development
The Legendary Shidouri2017-02-28 15:26:08
Greetings to all newcomers!

The Shidouri LOTGD Server is currently under development and modules are being implemented over the coming weeks/months.
Please do not try to access these new links as it will likely result in a badnav or server error. If any core module is not responding correctly, please let Shidouri or Quinn know via YOM, or send a Petition for Help.
Please do not send a petition or YOM about server response times. This is currently out of our control and with the minimal amount of players our server has, it is unlikely this will be resolved.


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